Premium New Zealand Beef

New Zealand beef is famous around the world for its taste, texture and nutritional quality. Our lush green pastures, temperate climate and strong farming heritage ensures that when you pick New Zealand beef, you're picking the best.

ANZCO is committed to delivering the best of the best. We pride ourselves on our experts selecting, processing and supplying exceptional premium New Zealand beef that you’ll be proud to serve.

Grass-fed New Zealand beef

The majority of ANZCO's finest beef is grass-fed, due to our country's extensive pastures and favourable climate - factors that set us apart on the world stage.

The results speak for themselves. A healthy, lean and tender eating experience from a product that you can trust.

ANZCO Foods Beef

Formerly Canterbury Beef and Riverlands, ANZCO has retired these names and replaced them with our very own product brand, ANZCO Foods Beef, producing and delivering the same tender, succulent and nutritious beef, the way nature intended.

ANZCO Foods Beef

Greenstone Creek

We select only the finest cuts of beef to wear the Greenstone Creek name. Hand-selected and aged for 21 days, it’s beef that’s beautifully-marbled, mouth-wateringly tender, and full of rich, natural flavour.

Greenstone Creek Website

Stony River Black Angus

Stony River is exceptional grass-fed New Zealand Black Angus, committed to small-scale production to protect its purity and taste.

Stony River Black Angus Website

Grain-finished New Zealand beef

Grain-finished beef is succulent and tender and simply melts in the mouth. It comes from hand-selected cattle, raised for 18 months on nutritionally rich pastures, before enjoying a high quality GMO-free grain diet in a stress-free coastal feedlot.

This combination of free-range grass grazing and grain-finishing ensures you get a truly exquisite eating experience.


Only the best Angus and Hereford cattle are hand-selected to be grain-finished under wide Wakanui skies. Wakanui beef is raised free from hormone growth promotants. It's then aged for 21 days for maximum tenderness.

Ocean Beef

Ocean Beef originates from an idyllic location on the edge of the Pacific Ocean. Raised on lush, green pastures then fed with locally-grown grain, this beef is a unique product blessed by the best grass, the best grains and fresh sea air.

Ocean Beef Website

Other New Zealand beef products

As well as our premium grass-fed and grain-finished beef products, we produce a large number of other products from beef including veal, offals, hides, and rendered products.

For more details or to discuss tailor-made solutions to meet your individual requirements get in touch.

Meet the team behind our New Zealand beef and lamb

Our premium New Zealand beef and lamb reaches your plate thanks to the hard work and talents of our farmers and beef experts. Buy with confidence, knowing they deliver only the very best.

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